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Cycling Japan job description

We try to be the best cycling guide service in Japan. Working as cycling guide is wonderful thing to share beautiful scenery and good time with guests, it is not only a job but a life style. On the other hand, you are required to have skills of good communication, bike mechanic, first aid and patience. We preferentially hire people who can work long term and take it as your lifelong carrier.

If you wish to apply, please see job description below and send us applicaton form.
Application form CJ-guide-application-en.doc
Send to info@cyclingjapan.jp

About Cycling Japan

Company name: Cycling Japan
Address: 3140−10 Shirahama, Shimoda city, Shizuoka, Japan ZIP415-0012
Phone: +81-558-22-1516
Owner and founder: Kenichi Kawamura
Capital: JPY100,000,000
Employee: 1 Full time , 6 part time
Registration: Travel company license (Shizuoka 2-623) ANTA JAMGA

Company history
2003 Apr Founded as mountain bike tour called “Aloha Biketrip”
2014 Mar Changed name to “Cycling Japan”
2014 Apr Registered as travel company

Campany assets
Office, Warehouse, 100 bikes, 3 support vehicles

Required certificates

Driver’s license (You need to drive with passengers in emergency case)
First aid 8 hours course or more
Bike mechanic skill (You can also take 16 hours training course from us)

Required skill

Bike instruction skill (You can take 3 days on the job training)
Good communication still
Japanese and English
Fitness and passion for adventure
Sense of humour

Hiring system

1 year contract
We hire you from Mar to Nov, pay fixed salary per month and will pay for extra work.

Part time contract
We make contract when we have confirmed tour. Multiday tour is normally confirmed 2 months prior to departure.


Day salary for training period (3-10days) : ask us
Day salary for guide: ask us
Fixed salary for 1 year contract: ask us

Job detail 

Type of tours
Day tour: mainly in Mt.Fuji area
Multiday tour: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
Guide period
Mar to Nov

What you do
Cycling guide
Bike mechanic
Drive support vehicle
Prepare snack and refreshments

Point to be noted

Cycling is a dangerous sports
By nature of outdoor activities, we cannot avoid all the risks involved itself. Cycling is relatively high risk sports as its field is on open road with other traffics. You need to have strong sense of responsibility of securing guest’s safety and life with sensible action.

Liability insurance
We have travel and liability insurance with guests. We also have liability insurance with contracted guide that is JPY500,000,000 per case, JPY100,000,000per person. If the guide would not follow our guide’s manual, the guide should have liability for any loss.

Driving support vehicle
Most of our guided tour have support vehicle to be driven by guides. If the weather turned to be bad, you need to drive people some time. We use public transport for long distance transfer.

Participants from all over the world
We have participant from all the back ground. You need to have good communication skill and leadership to let them get along well with each other. If your team building would be successful, you will have fantastic tour and lifelong friendship.

Busy during tour
If you are on 7 days tour, you ride with guests, drive support vehicle, call the hotel to confirm booking, have meals with guests, and so many things to do during the tour. You need to concentrate on your job, you need your family and friends who can understand what you do while you are away from them.

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