Cycling Japan original jersey designed by Atsuo Higuchi
  The jersey is made in Japan. All the jerseys are printed and sewn in Japan. We are proud to present this to your beautiful cycling life.

Design detail

The size chart is race fit for thin Japanese person. If you would like to choose club fit, wear it with underwear, think you are going to be a little bigger, take one size bigger. The best way to choose your size is to major your favorite jersey in your closet and match actual size A B C below.  
Size chart
Jersey Hight Chest Waist SizeA SizeB SizeC Stock
XS 145-153cm 74-80cm 68-74cm 39cm 61cm 11cm 1
S 153-160cm 80-88cm 70-78cm 42cm 64cm 12cm 10
M 160-167cm 88-94cm 74-82cm 45cm 66cm 13cm 10
L 167-174cm 94-98cm 78-86cm 48cm 68cm 14cm 10
XL  174-180cm 98-102cm 82-90cm 51cm 70cm 15cm 10
XXL(3L) 180-186cm 102-106cm 86-94cm 54cm 72cm 16cm 10
4L  184-190cm 106-114cm 94-102cm 57cm 74cm 17cm 4

Actual size A B C  
How to order
Please include your request on your booking form for tour. You can get it and pay when we meet at tour. The jersey is for sale only for tour participants.

Price 9,000 Japanese Yen
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